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Who is Chaz?

Chaz Chambers is a professional musican, music producer and travel entrprenuer. He has been traveling the world both as a musician an leisurely for well over 10 years. Most of his career has been traveling. Everything from being a cruise ship musicians to playing with the famous Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey’s Circus, one by ship and another by train. Chaz has not only traveled as a musician, but driven around countries Iceland in a camper van, backpacked around Europe, Latin America, and more. He has experienced some unique ways and scenarios while traveling.

Chaz’s travel have brought him to begin boutique a cultural travel agency in 2017, first he started with Cuba –, and later added other destinations like Brazil, Colombia, Iceland, Spain, New Orleans, and more with

He continues to travel all over the world and with this travel blog and his music/travel VLOG (, he hopes to inspire more sustainable travel and share the most practical ways to have great experiences. The travel blog is filled with real life experiences and tips that could save you a lot of time and money. When preparing to travel it is good to read from many different sources, but more importantly the sources that are most recent and relevant to your travel. Countries and customs are constantly changing and something that was useful 6 months ago may already be obsolete.

Here are some affiliate links if you are interested: (Music Tours in Cuba) (Music Tours all over the world. – Brazil, Colombia, Spain, New Orleans, Iceland, and more) (Cuba taxi reservations and concierge) (Online Cuban Music Lessons) (Online music reviews and critiques) (Free online experiences that support local cultures via donations)